Bad day today…


My head is aching right now. I think I know what a migraine feels like. Aaaargh. My eyes hurt too. That’s what you get for gazing at the computer screen for a long time. I tried to rest a bit, gazing over the green landscape where I worked, but it’s no use. My eyes are simply too tired, and I think I need a break. Only 40 minutes to go before it’s time to go home. Man, thank God for that!

But the day isn’t the end yet. I still have plans later tonight. Haha, that sounds so mysterious, but actually, will be teaching later. And the good thing is, the lesson’s supposed to be easy today. In fact, today’s the day where my student will treat me to some delicious Thai food — my favorite — before we head down to McDonald’s for our usual lessons.

It’s so funny. We don’t really appreciate our health and our body until we get sick or feel uncomfortable. Boy, I wish I was feeling a lot better. Hmmm… maybe a few hours of sleep would do a lot more good. I’ve got to remember to sleep earlier! Thing is, there’s still so much to do, and so little time! With the combination of language lessons, civic activities, meeting up with friends and more, I have little time for myself!

Hmmm… if this keeps up, I’d have to schedule my time just to do my laundry. I’m already running out of socks (bad!), and I have at least 3-weeks worth of laundry left to do. Boy, I really miss back then in Manila when I had maids to do the laundry. I wish I had some now. They’re really a lot of help.

Maids — another luxury you get to appreciate only after they’re not there. Sigh.

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