Getting ready for summer!

Last night, I did some kick-ass indoor wall climbing.

My muscles are a bit sore today.

But I feel great!

It’s just my second time to go indoor wall climbing. The activity looks deceivingly hard. Taking a glance at the high walls in the rock climbing gym, you can’t help but feel overwhelmed.

It’s really tall.

Imagine, if you were at the top and you fell, you could die.

Or at least, spend the good part of the month wearing a cast.

But still, it’s an enjoyable activity — despite my inexperience. It’s one of the better exercises (at least in my personal opinion) there is. And why wouldn’t it be? You get to spend a lot of time with friends, strengthen your muscles, and most importantly…

…firm up your butt.

Now, who wouldn’t want that? Haha, by the time I got home last night, I was so pumped up that I put on some loud music and sashayed my body to the music.

I seriously felt like Jennifer Lopez.


If I can keep this up, I can get ready for the summer. Packed abs. Firm butt. Va-va-voom bikini! Yay!


Indoor rock climbing’s cool. First, it teaches you to just do it!

Geez, that sounded like a Nike ad.

But it’s true — if you take so much time dangling and being scared, you’ll never reach the top.

For example, at the start, I was so excited that I scampered immediately, and never looked down.

Before I knew it, the ground was a few feet away! A long way down.

Of course, I got stuck in the middle, because there was this huge boulder in front of me. Another lesson for us, challenges abound in life.

Couldn’t really go past that boulder. I tried, and tried and tried. But I kept on falling.

But finally, I somehow manages to get a foothold somewhere, and managed to lift myself up.

It was a lot easier after that.

Same as life, right?

Sometimes, we come up with challenges. It’s natural. They make life interesting. But it sure if frustrating getting over them.

It happens even to the best of us. We try and try, and it seems all our efforts are futile.

That’s what happened when I was looking for my first job… when I tried to make a dead-end relationship work, among many, many others.

But one day, we get a foothold. We may have an epiphany. And we swing over that boulder, and reach the top.

Aaaah, the joys of success.

Lastly, it teaches you about trust.

In indoor wallclimbing, there’s always the climber, and there’s also the ballayer. That’s the guy who holds the rope while you rush to the top.

It takes great trust. Imagine, putting your life in the hands of the ballayer.

If he ties the knot in the wrong way or don’t hold the rope, you can fall.

But good thing, my ballayers were all experienced dudes. Thanks Benson and James!


Seriousness aside, indoor wall climbing’s great. I’d recommend it to anyone who’s never given it a try yet.

It’s not a “clean” sport. I really broke up a sweat last night. Surprising, cause it looked so easy. But the time I came on the boulder, I seriously started sweating.

But it’s exhilarating! And fun.

Can’t wait to do it again!

Do we have one in the Philippines by the way? Has anyone of you tried indoor wall climbing already? How was it?

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