Another Weekend, Another Work Day @ Kidzania Manila

We are back at Kidzania again!

Yes, the Tiger Mommy in me wants to get an upgraded passport. In return, I also want her to feed her curiosity and learn the values of hard work. So that’s why we are back.

The Kidzania mantra:

Last time, my mom got her to do 7 jobs. Let’s see how many jobs she can do today:

Doing a Liver Transplant @ St. Luke’s Hospital

This was kind of cool. I did not expect a liver transplant. This is a must do for any Kidzanian.

Painting a House at Kidzana Construction

Making a Cheeseburger @ McDonald’s

We could not take a photo inside as I was part of it. The chopped onions smelled heavenly. This was a photo taken from the internet.

Making Snacks @ Jack and Jill

They gave her Chippy and Piattos as Souvenirs, cute!

Being an Engineer again @ First Gen

Being a Pilot and Flight Attendant @ Cebu Pacific

There was a flight simulator where you gave to learn how to land a plane. Pretty cool.

Painting Murals @National Bookstore

Making a Comic Strip @ Metro Publications

The comic strip they made together:

Presenter at Home TV Shopping

Model @ Penshoppe Fashion Show

Pharmacist @ Mercury Drug

Veterinarian at Pet Express

Clerk @ Champion Laundromat

Selling Clerk @ Toy Kingdom

Courier @ LBC Express

Ice Cream Factory Staff @ Magnolia Ice Cream

Performer at the Clock Tower

Chef @ Lady’s Choice Cooking School

Factory Worker @ Cream-O

Making Health Supplements and Medicines at Pascual Labs

Working at BPI Bank

What a productive day!

Thanks Kidzania for another wonderful experience! We have now accumulated another 30 stamps so are now eligible for an upgraded passport in the next visit!

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