When your husband buys an expensive tub of ice cream…

My husband wanted to buy a php381 Ben & Jerry’s ice cream tub of Cherry Garcia yesterday at Rustan’s. 

Php 381 isn’t cheap. It’s almost the daily minimum wage of a waiter in the Philippines. 

I don’t think that an expensive tub of ice cream is worth the moolah since I feel they all taste alike. Like, how creamy can you get? 
But my husband was nice enough to take me to a restaurant for lunch I picked. And even though it wasn’t super great, he kept his mouth shut and went with the flow. 

So like husband who shuts up about my questionable restaurant choices, I shut up with his questionable ice cream tub. 

He happily opens the tub of ice cream and gives some to our daughter. They enjoy the rich, creamy vanilla ice cream with a mix of cherries and chocolate. 

I take a taste.

It’s not bad at all. 

I still don’t think it’s worth php381.00 a tub, but if it’s worth the smile in both of my loved ones faces, it’s well worth the money. 


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  1. 8494948 says:

    you should try local brand Carmen’s Best, the salted caramel is looooovely!! Medyo mahal pero sooo worth it!!

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