Give and Take

There has been a lot of giving and taking after I got married.

Husband is out now with wannabe entrepreneur good friend as they tinker with toys that will hopefully make them millions.

I’m at home blogging, waiting for him to get home so I can brush my teeth, take a shower and go to bed. Yaya is on her day-off so it’s perilous to leave a sleeping child on the bed alone while you shower. 

It makes me want to call him up and tell him to come back home already. I guess that while time flies when you’re having fun, time inevitably slows down when you’re waiting for husband to get home. 

But I think I’ll let him have his fun for a few more minutes.

I remember he didn’t really fuss when I went on my girl’s night out before. Even after showering, taking care of the baby and the baby screaming herself to sleep, husband manned up and didn’t bother me until I got home, satiated from catching up with my best friends.

He does spoil me sometimes. Today, he didn’t really make a fuss when I bought a bag even though I already have a lot of bags. It wasn’t cheap but it was nice, and he lets me have nice stuff once in a while.

He doesn’t complain when I ask him to take care of baby so I can relax a little bit. I babysat my daughter today in church (while he was working), and instead of listening to the sermon, I spent the good hour chasing after my crawling daughter as she tried the push car, came out of push car, went to slide, attempted to go up of slide, chose to go up four stairs to bang on the wall, munched on the plastic ball, tried to eat the string of dinosaur, go to push car again and then munched on ball, and then up the slide.

I kid you not.

I think I might have accompanied her to the push car 4x, the slide 3x, the stairs 2x, the ball 2x, banging the wall 3x, the other push toy 1x and then following her as she crawl around the freaking room 3x.

So taking care of baby is not easy work. And she’s less than a year old who still can’t walk!

I hear they get even more makulit as they get older…

Anyway, I digress. Point being, married is about give and take.

He gets his boys night out, and when he gets home, he is happy. A happy husband makes me happy. 

Sure, I don’t always get what I want but since time with his good friend is important to him, I should respect that and let him do it since he’s happy when he’s free from fatherhood, even if it’s just a few hours. 

The world doesn’t revolve around me anyways. When you’re married, it should be about the two of you, keeping a balance of give and take.

Have a good week everyone! It’s almost Monday again. Love you!

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