Marriage is all about Compromise

Marriage is all about compromise.

For me, it’s about getting my hot Nespresso coffee made fresh by my husband every morning.

For him, it’s about me letting him get that extra 10 minutes of sleep in the morning.

For me, it’s about him carrying my heavy backpack to work.

For him, it’s about me remembering to carry his Samsung pad because he always forgets it on his way to work.

For me, it’s about him being in the office, listening to what’s going on and him giving his output once in a while.

For him, it’s about me giving me his peace and quiet while he manages his other business remotely.

For me, it’s about him listening to me while I rant and rave about my frustrations about running a business in the Philippines.

For him, it’s about allowing him to eat whatever junk food he likes for the moment. Like for example, the Jollibee Ultimate Burger Steak we had for lunch today.


Yes, burger steak, mashed potato, garlic, mushrooms, rice, egg and gravy looks like a weird combination — and it is — but it makes my husband happy, and subsequently, me happy.

For me, it’s about him answering every single one of my phone calls and letting me share with him whatever’s going on during my day. It’s important to have someone who keeps you sane in the crazy afternoon.

For him, it’s about me letting him get mad and stew without being critical and offering helpful suggestions.

For me, it’s about us having dinner at home together. And he gets to cut me sweet mangoes for dessert.

For him, it’s about me letting him eat his favorite Potato Chips Classic every night… without too much nagging that he will get fat.

potato chips

And yes, he can finish one whole bag in one entire sitting.

For him, it’s about me showering before getting into bed at night. “Hmmmm… warm and clean,” he would say as he sniffs me.

For me, it’s about him brushing his teeth before going to bed. Especially after the barbecue potato chips.

For him, its about his daily dose of DVD watching that’s cool at the moment. We already went through Games of Thrones Season 1 (yes, we are so far behind), Scandal 1-3, House of Cards 1-2, and now we’re watching The Americans.

For me, it’s all about letting me AniPop in peace.


Yes, it’s a stupid game I know. Graphics are cute though.

In the end, marriage is all about compromise.

You can’t win ’em all, and you can’t lose ’em all.

It has to be a give and a take.

And for us, it’s about giving and taking.

And that’s what makes for a happy marriage.

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