Simple Joys of Marriage

There are sweet moments in marriage.

Case in point, last night, husband was hungry and wanted to eat his favorite instant noodles.


As I waited with him in the dining room as his instant noodles was just starting to heat up, I mentioned to him that he only has a fork, wherein I need a spoon to eat.

I usually just eat it this way,” he said, motioning him bringing up the bowl up his mouth.

Yes hun, but I need the spoon to eat,” I teased. “Me being a lady and all.”

Hubby then went to get a spoon for me in the other room.


And then he let me had first dibs on his favorite noodles even though I know he wanted to eat it.

We ate the instant noodles together. Me first, then him next.

It’s these very simple moments that put a smile to my face. My husband has so far shown he is quite an understanding man. He is not always understanding but he mostly is.

And I make sure he knows it.

Just to share…

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