Wedding Prep # 5 – How to Pick Wedding Favors for your Guests

Kate Aspen had a nice Spring Breeze Palm Tree Bottle Opener which I found at Pinterest/Etsy. Since I have a few overseas guests, and we’re always in the need for a nice bottle opener, hubbie to be and I felt it would be a nice wedding favor for our guests. So what we did was:

Step 1: Searched for Palm Tree Bottle Opener from Alibaba (
Step 2: Emailed suppliers and asked for quotations. For 500 pcs for example, each favor only cost us Php 50 (around USD 1.1) inclusive of shipping.
Step 3: Wire transfer the money to chosen supplier. Wait for goods to arrive. It should take a month. 

The goods are arriving by next month, well in time for the wedding this June. After it arrives, we’ll add a nice note in the back to personalize the gift. 🙂

Will keep you posted what happens, but more or less, US wedding favors make it in China din so we’re less worried about quality issues. It’s just a matter on how comfortable are you ordering online and from China suppliers. For us, at Php 50/pc. for a very nice bottle opener, we’re happy to take the risk.


Supplier Site:
Supplier: Yiwu Zejian Gifts & Crafts Manufactory
Contact: Esther (, Tel: +86 13819954070)

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One thought on “Wedding Prep # 5 – How to Pick Wedding Favors for your Guests

  1. Hi….

    I actually wanted to order from the same supplier but for the purpose of reselling it…I just want to ask how much does it cost when you receive the product? I mean,, the custom fee and all other charges.. I’m afraid of the high custom fees if I order…and also the quality of the product…

    I would really appreciate it if I get a response from you..

    Thank you and I so much love your blog….

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