My first week of internship

Dear dad and mom,

The first week of internship is over.

There are still 9 more weeks to go till the end, and I had been assigned to trading, which is a field that is super duper unfamiliar to me. The post highlights looking at stock price trends and nothing about the stock fundamentals and business model.

The only thing I can say is that I seem like a fish out of water, and it seems that my MBA hadn’t really taught me anything relevant to begin with.

I felt like a total loser because I couldn’t really know whether the Japanese yen is going up or down just by looking at charts or whether oil would go up on Monday.

Then again, I am reminded that that’s what an internship is all about — it’s about showing up, realizing that there are still much to learn about, and trying to absorb as much as you can.

It’s not coming in and being a hero — but rather, it’s coming in and realizing that you know nothing. And to relearn everything there is in a practical sense.

These days, I sleep by 11pm and wake up by 6am. So is my life. I get to work by 7am, be at the morning meeting till 8am and try to do my best till work ends at around 6:30pm (though the market closes by 4:30pm).

Overall, it’s way different from my MBA life where I could go to bed at 4am and still be awake in time for class. Now, it’s all about discipline and I realize that I am ill prepared for it.

Regardless, I am not going to give up. I will try to survive as best as I can and read and learn more if possible. Right now am reading up a few “for dummies” book letting you know my state of mind and how humbled I am with the total internship experience.

Anyway, just wanted to leave you guys a short note saying hi and that I am still surviving. Hope all is well. Take care and love you!

Your loving daughter,

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One thought on “My first week of internship

  1. Hi Bonita!

    Just wanted to say a big thank you for writing this blog and making it public. As someone who’s about to finally move to HK in order to study I’ve found your personal experience very helpful in making some decisions and has definitely been interesting to get an insider’s view on the same issues I’ll be facing soon.

    I hope you ad a good run. Might see you around campus soon enough! 🙂

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