Guess what – I’m on Twitter @ #alphatsinay

Our professor has asked us to do a case on Twitter, that miniblogging networking site where you tell everyone about your day at 140 words or less. Given that I’ve seen less stellar Twitter-feeds (yes, my friends… I am a snob), I will strive to ensure that my tweets are as grammatically correct as they can be.

Hence that would mean no simplified “hru?” for “how are you?” or some other weird shit like that.

As my friends often tease me of being Alphadog – and even Trader himself have wondered about the future success of our relationship because we both want to be alphadogs – I’ve decided that my twittername should be #alphatsinay.

I hope it makes sense. 🙂

At the very least, not only would Twitter give me the freedom to do some microblogging (so at least you don’t think that I’ve been ignoring you when I have been actually killing myself at school), it would also give me insight on how this site can change the world.

Registering is easy – all you had to do was to give your name, email and Twitter name. TA-DAAAA!

Anyway, I haven’t really been on a good mood lately.

Just finished a 25-slide PPT for our Strategic Management class. We were a group of five and had a week to do it. It was to be submitted today, Friday at 8:30 am.

Unfortunately, given that we’ve been ultra busy with readings, homeworks, presentations and what-nots, our group only had time to begin on Thursday afternoon.

I was also the consolidator, a very unfortunate task considering he/she has to deal with everyone else’s raw data, make it consistent and tell a story, and sleep the latest. Why the hell am I always a consolidator?

Why don’t people care enough to be THE consolidator?!

Anyway, long story short – one groupmate showed up early afternoon and was MIA after an hour, leaving me with three slides: one with a cut and paste of an Excel chart with no words explaining what it meant, another slide with a cut and paste chart from an investment bank report and one useful chart.

The others came late, and haven’t even started yet with their slides.

One groupmate proceeded to think about his bit for hours, only to type them out on PPT later. Not complaining la but it would’ve been nicer if he already put his stuff on paper, letting me go to sleep earlier.

Finished time for our PPT: 5:00am!

That’s 3.5 hours more from the deadline, but every senior citizen was already awake by then.

I want to cry.

Really tired though so gotta go to bed. After a short sleep because I was awaken by a phone call, I had to endure 7 hours of class.

Boo hoo.

Happy weekend all!

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2 thoughts on “Guess what – I’m on Twitter @ #alphatsinay

  1. I am sooo gonna follow you on twitter ^^… as long as you don’t tweet stuff like~ “having dinner know” “taking a shower” etc hahha. Like seriously, I never understood why people would want to share stuff like that? n_n*

    And OMG! I hope that you can catch up on some sleep/relax a bit this weekend!


  2. That doesn’t sound too much like me JXu. I think too many people try to short cut everything and I couldn’t understand what they write! 🙂

    Thanks – got a bit of sleep but not too much. Onwards and hugs!

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