What’s the point of hiding? :)

Classmates can be crazy at times. They think that we don’t know, but actually, we do.

Take for example, if you secretly hold hands while going out with us in Wanchai, of course, there’s a chance someone would see, right? Even if it’s the light touches on fingers, mere friends don’t do that.

I don’t understand though why bother pretending? Is it because you’re not ready to make it official? Because you’re still considering other options and want to tag yourself as single?

Sure, people do say don’t shit where you eat.

But if you’re already shitting, there’s no big harm than to just come out of the closet and do things the right way. Keeping secrets only show that you have no confidence with the two of you.

Haha, there’s nothing sexier than a guy who declares, “This is mine. She’s mine.”

I remember my own romance over 1.5 years ago, Trader flew in from Singapore and spent a day with me. He made up some silly excuse of needing to do something in Hong Kong, but he later told me he was quaking in his knees. 🙂

In the evening post-dinner, while we were walking in TST, he sat me down, gave me a super sweet card and said, “Will you be my girlfriend?”

Of course, looking into his kind eyes, how could you say no to that?

So I said, “I say yes today because I know you’re going to make me very happy.”

Well, that wasn’t completely true but at least he tries. And I’m usually happy.

Okay, going back to my equity valuation case assignment. Ta-taaa!

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