My Top 10 iPhone/iPod Applications

Yes, I am what you may consider an iPhone addict.

Though my trusty iPhone 3G (NOT 3Gs) has been dropped a gazillion times, gone vibrator on me before, and hung a couple of times, it’s still working and I cannot do without my silly iPhone.

So this is for my fellow iPhone users.

Below are the top 10 iPhone Apps that I love, use daily and even better, more often than not are free (because why the hell would I pay if free apps are available?). If I did pay for them, it’s because they’re worth it so download them now!

1) Facebook (Free)

Dude, if you don’t have this application on your phone, then download it stat!


I find this app particularly useful as it keeps me connected even when I turn off my phone.

I also like the fact that I can quickly check for updates and listen to my friends’ latest gossips and shoutouts even though they’re all about newborn infants and breakups.

What’s more, Facebook has some of my friends’ basic information so I can search for them if in case I am on my way to their party and doon’t have their mobiles. Trust me, this does happen.

Call it stalking or invasion of privacy, but inasmuch that I’m an iPhone addict, I am also one of the uncool Facebook addicts and I just love that the information is right by my fingertips. Capische?

2) iXpenseIt (USD4.99)

If you’re like me who hate keeping receipts and would love to at least monitor her expenses in case I go overboard, then iXpenseIT is for you:

This application has an easy-to-use format that allows you to input your expenses with a few clicks on your touchscreen, choose the category you want to file that expense on and then save. It collates all the data into a neat-0 report (with pie charts) you can customize based on the dates and can export to your PC.

Cool huh? The app wasn’t free but it was a smart USD4.99 investment. Thanks to iXpenseIT, I know I can afford it. πŸ™‚

3) MTR Mobile (Free)

Just downloaded this app this week and I already know how neat this is especially if you’re like me who is unfamiliar of subway stations outside the subway lines in Hong Kong island:

The application can come in both English and Chinese which makes it ultra-convenient for me. All you need to do is select the stations you’d like to board in and disembark, and the program easily tells you how much is your fares and which subways to transfer from. Cool, huh?

4) Tap Resort Party (FREE)

This is very embarrassing but I’m currently addicted to this game, Tap Resort Party:

Imagine this, you are an owner of an island populated by tourists. You start off with an attraction or two with the option to buy/sell more attractions to earn more moolah as more visitors visit.

Would you like to open a Pizza Hut, a Beach Mansion, a Tiki Bar or Croissant Shop? Be careful though as prices do vary and the more expensive/attractive your attractions are, the more expensive it takes to upgrade them to their fullest potential!

Note that despite their varying prices, all of these attractions can earn a maximum of 500 coins (for the basic model), 1000 coins (for the mid-quality model) and 1500 coins (for the three-star attractions). Decide carefully as money is tight and takes time to earn! πŸ™‚

5) Super7 (FREE)

Created by, this is the type of intellectual game that would both interest and irritate me.

The objective of the game is very simple, connect the blocks containing various number so that they add up to the number “7.”

Sounds very easy, right?

All you have to do is connect the 5s with the 2s, the 4s with the 3s and the 6s to the 1s.

However, it gets complicated that the more numbers you chuck together without creating the number 7, the blocks get bigger and takes up more space. Also be careful about some blocks’ abilities to change your number to a negative, multiply your numbers by 2, or divide.

Trust me, it gets really confusing.

What’s worse, if you get your math wrong, you die when you add the numbers to over 7!

However, if you like math, I think this is a reasonably entertaining game for you.

6) Scoops (FREE)

One of the better iPhone games that I use when I’m taking an airline or waiting for the subway. Presenting, Scoops!

The premise is really simple: You try to catch as many scoops of ice cream as you can with your cone. If you match the colors, you get an automatic bonus.

However, if you catch the evil tomato or onion (which is not in any way part of your ice cream), then you lose a life. Lose three star/lives and it’s game over.

How many can you catch? I can do it past the 100,000 mark but let’s see how well you guys do!

Quite addictive if you can get past the fact that it looks like something else! πŸ™‚

7) Word Warp (FREE)

This word game used to consume me for hours.

As you know, I’m a bit of a word junkie and it just boggled my mind how I couldn’t guess the longest word from merely six silly letters! It was even more irritating after getting a super high score and only to lose the entire game because that word is at the tip of your tongue!

8) Fish Frenzy (FREE)

Another mindless yet super addictive game that keeps you tilting your iPhone in many different directions, Fish Frenzy’s goal is simple: Eat as many fishes you can without getting eaten yourself to get bigger.

It takes a bit of practice to be more sensitive to the movements of your iPhone but once you get it, it can get really fun. You can even hear me shriek and scream as big bad fish eats my teeny tiny fish.

You make mistakes sometimes and BAM!

Game over!

Yes, life sucks. πŸ™

9) Fluent News (FREE)

This one is a new discovery and is pretty cool.

The Fluent News reader collects many of the dailies’ top headlines and collate them in one single easy-to-read application.

Fluent News brings you a mobile-device friendly information from nearly 50 top quality news sources inclusive of CNN, Slate, the Wall Street Journal, and even PCWorld. Ain’t that cool? πŸ™‚

Β 10) And lastly, Taxi Fight! (FREE) is my other favorite game.

You can try the Arcade version, and Endless version or Tutorial, but no matter what you choose, Taxi Fight! is tons of fun. I never really opted for the paid version and chose to download merely the Lite one but it’s still enjoyable nontheless with less features available:

The objective is simple: Tap the customer to grab the taxi WITHOUT BEING RUN OVER to collect points.

The speed quickens as you go along and the game introduces you to a myriad of crazy characters like the businessman (fast walker), student (slow walker) and old man (slow walker and stops in the middle of the street!) ensuring that you’re kept entertained.

It seems very easy as you start but you realize soon enough that ensuring that everyone gets into a taxi without them losing their temper (and wonderfully exploding) is simply hard work.

It’s enough to keep you engrossed for hours. I know I did!

That’s about it readers! My top 10 apps for my iPhone!

I’ve realized that I have not added any apps on photography despite my love for it. No worries, it’s just that we have to keep this list slim for now and maybe, I’ll add in another entry about my top 10 apps related to photography soon enough.

Meanwhile, enjoy and thanks a lot once again for continuing to visit my blog.

How about you? Which are your most favorite apps to share? πŸ˜€

Have a happy weekend!

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