Getting to know each other… more.

I am lazily lounging about having a fresh cup of coffee.

Trader is right by his computer watching a show. He’s taken his medical leave today given his severe backache (not my fault at all) and is just relaxing after several weeks of tiring work.

Life with Trader nowadays have revolved into a routine. He’s a simple man with simple needs: Keep him well fed, and he’s happy.

I wonder at times how he can still keep his weight.

And yet, I look at his tummy and say, “Ooooh, that’s where it all goes…”

Honestly, I am glad that Trader loves me. “You are so unladylike,” he commented, and I do agree. There are sides of me that are so different from a more ladylike facade that I show off to the public.

I find him to be a bit different than I am as well. For example, he is a clean freak who hopes that I can also be the same. We spent Saturday cleaning his place up — doing the laundry, vacuuming, dusting, etc. — and I wonder, what for if the maids are coming anyway?

I don’t feel comfortable having the maids in my room,” he said. “Which is why I’m training you to help clean.”

Uh-oh. What did I get myself into? Isn’t this supposed to be MY vacation?

He also has certain questionable habits. For example, he frequently watches shows on fast forward and it’s kinda funny trying to make sense of what he’s watching. It’s one scene at a time played on fast forward.

Why do you do that?” I quizzed.

So as not to waste time,” he answered.

Well, I thought that was why we watched shows — to waste time.

His choices of shows are also different from mine. Whereas I preferred to watch shows in full, he watched fast-forward shows of UFC (Ultimate Fighter Championship), Japanese anime and reruns of Chuck and Friends. I prefer the shows How I Met Your Mother and The Big Bang Theory.

He likes the oiliest snacks like curry puffs and fried whatevers. I am happy with my similarly unhealthy sweets like waffles and bread.

My friend has mentioned this once, “I will never marry a person unless I’ve lived with her,” and I’d have to agree. Two people have so many experiences and differences that drive them both up the wall that sometimes it’s good to actually put yourselves in each other presence 24/7.

In dates, you can just show your best sides. Your prettiest sides.

But you cannot do that when you’re together all the time. You fart (I don’t), drool, snore, and do all the stuff that normally turn each other off. Because if we remove the superficials, we become what we truly are, human.

My parents would go berserk if they knew. Then again, I have always followed the conventional rules in my own way.

It’s been a learning experience however. Not that it makes us good or bad people. We just are.

Trader’s already wondering what the hell I’m doing typing so much stuff so I gotta go. Just wanted to leave a note to say hi lest you think I’ve disappeared.

Love you all!

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