Fake it if you don’t have it!

God really works in the most mysterious ways! ūüėÄ

Trader’s fetish are fet. He likes them smooth and small, with bright colored nails flashing as a woman wears her flip flops. He loves the ankles small, cupped finely to the feet. He stares at my feet till I blush.


Because my feet are ugly.Whereas my boyfriend’s fetish are feet, those are my hatest body part of all.¬†

My ankles are like elephants, straight that without the curviture. My nails are fragile and break easily. And cough cough, they sometimes smell especially after being cooped up in heels for so long. 

Sorry, sue me if I’m being too honest. It’s my blog afterall.

Which brings me to my saving grace, a gift from a former colleague who’s now better off at sales trading. The brigh red OPI Nail Polish retails for HKD135 (equivalent to TWD 540) a bottle not inclusive the dry fast base coat from Revlon, and top coat from Seche Vite, another uber expensive brand.

Like makeup, they hide what is undesirable. In this case, my nails. Ugh.

The cloak what is unpretty and accentuate what I do have so that men may think I’m a femme fetale especially when I’m wearing high bright red heels. Mamma-mia!

So yes, I have a boyfriend but by no means do we want to get complacent. It’s a woman’s perogative to do her best to be at her prettiest. Though Trader for example prefers me without makeup (thus attracting no attention from others), I do admit that photographs love me better with makeup.

Furthermore, it’s respectful to those you meet so long as you’re not meeting the future in-laws. Yes, Trader has already warned me not to wear makeup when I mieet his parents. It’s one way for them to think I’m simple, feminine and docile. Figures.

Anyway, tonight’s nail painting exercise remind me about life.

In life, you’re stuck with what you have. I have a round nose that Trader finds cute and I don’t. Only¬†plastic surgery can change its shape.

However, it is what it is.

Not all is lost however. You can be ugly but you don’t need to be ugly by choice. I’m in no way a beauty, but I do realize that I become more attractive when I wear make-up, wearing a cute dress and bright high heeled shoes. Oh and a smile. Smiles are important.

So don’t get lazy.

Do the best you can.

Ugliness is not a choice. Complacency is.

Have a great week ahead!

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