Steady Eddie…

Three months and counting, and we’re still together. Okay fine, so your author is a realist and is counting the days when he’ll realize that I’m totally psycho and run fast, fast away.

All right, I have abandonment issues from my last two ex-boyfriends who pretty much deserted me within the 2-3 month mark. Guess that’s where I show my true colors, things get serious and then they pretty much move on to the next casual relationship.

Okay, I kid… I kid. It wasn’t THAT bad, but neither did both of my last two relationships last that long. Somehow, things never really got serious.

I’m still waiting for Trader to see me at my worst, realize that I’m not worth it and go for the next bright, shiny thing. Or “sexy lil bitches” as they would call it in Singapore.

Nonetheless, a part of me is glad that he’s still here though vigilant on whether he wavers on his commitment. So far, so good…

He still sends me an SMS to greet me a good morning first thing, emails me throughout the day and calls me after he gets off work. Except for the times when either one of us was traveling, we’ve stayed through with this daily habit.

And instead of running away, he’s remained steady.

Actually, he’s pretty serious. “Sorry, but you can’t get rid of me that fast,” he’d kid. “What can I do? You’re the One…”

Honestly, I’ve come to realize the pattern. Ladies often ask ourselves if a guy is really into us, but to tell you the truth, I think that when a guy meets a girl, he already knows whether he’s there for the long-haul or not. He already knows from the get-go that he’s the One.

I asked our star analyst the question on how he and his beautiful Chinese wife got married. He mentioned that it was on their first date that he knew that she was the One. Of course, at that point, he didn’t really know if he was going to marry her, but in his heart, he knew this is it… she’s THE girl.

Same goes with one of my closest friends here in Hong Kong.

He met a girl at an EB (eye ball) and they exchanged email addresses before he left for Amsterdam for a job interview, fully intending to move to Europe. However, from their two week exchanges, he realized just how special this girl was to her, and he decided that she was the One. He moved back to Hong Kong, found a job here and though things are never easy, plans to marry and have kids with her.

Trader’s about the same. He says I’m the One. As to why, I have no clue.

I drink water out from a huge jug. “Very unhygienic,” he says. “We have to teach you to drink from a glass.”

He wonders why the hell I stay out late. “Baby, don’t you think it’s nice to get home by 10:30pm?” He worries when I get home later than that and calls to ensure I get back home. He wonders why I need to be with people so much.

He finds it funny that I’m  a heavy sleeper and can’t wake up in the morning despite his many prodding. “You’re just like my sister who has to be dragged to breakfast,” he laughingly tells me.

You drive me crazy sometimes, ” he said. “But good crazy.”

And despite my many ridiculous actions and mannerisms, he’s still here.

I’m here for the long haul,” he reassures me. “This is for forever.”

Now, my friends tell me not to get married so soon. “You’re next,” they tease.

Aiya, no proposal, no action, no nothing,” I retort, happily enjoying the time dating someone really nice. Who knows what will happen and never say never, but heck, till there’s no rock, there’s no wedding.

Anyway, time for bed. Just want to let you know I’m still alive albeit with Steady Eddie. 🙂

Friday — have a great weekend!

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