Why am I not a fan of malabong usapan (complicated relationships)?

1)      What for? As if I’m still looking for somebody else. Isn’t it better to just focus on your significant other? Usually for those who still like to keep their relationships “complicated,” they’re still on the lookout for someone better. That’s why their feet are in both boats!

2)       What if I get asked out by two men? Who gets first dibs? Will it be first-come, first-serve? It’s hard to have a free-for-all arrangement especially for an indecisive Libran like me.

3)       How awful to go out with someone dashingly handsome and still single, and then you are unsure what to do if he makes a move. Aaaargh! Why say no? Why not say, “Why not?”

4)       Cost-income ratio won’t make sense. Long-distance bills from your side and let’s not even get started on the airfares.

5)       What will my mom say when she finds out?!

6)       Life already is busy as it is then you’d still have to waste more hours trying to figure out where we are in a relationship. Wouldn’t it be better and simpler to concentrate on how to make our relationship better instead of wondering if we even have a relationship?

7)       No PDAs definitely for friends-plus relationships. What if somebody saw us? Better to make everything top secret. Wouldn’t want to let other people think that I’m already attached if I’m not.

8)       Ahem, and what will YOUR mom say?

9)       It’s hard to go all in if you don’t know what your status is. And if the relationship is half-baked, then why even bother?

10)   Because I love you. Those who can do a complicated relationship most likely don’t like/love you enough. If you really love someone, can you really stand making the relationship complicated?



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5 Responses to Why am I not a fan of malabong usapan (complicated relationships)?

  1. rosannelin says:

    I agree with your thoughts on complicated relationships; but how exactly do you define “complicated” relationship? Do you mean when one or both partners are also dating other people? Or do simply mean someone who is completely open to their partner?

  2. bonita says:

    Complicated is when the other person refuses to make things “official” because of whatever reason. Maybe they’re still looking for somebody else or maybe they’re not so keen in being in a commitment.

    If one or both partners are dating other people, I’d call it an open relationship. Personally think that’s a recipe for disaster but am quite selfish (e.g., I don’t share) so that’s just me. 🙂

    Thanks for sharing!

  3. rosannelin says:

    But if the person “refuses to make things official” then they are implying that they are still open to other opportunities. Furthermore, if they are not interested in any kind of commitment, then aren’t they just playing around? Same as seeing other people, isn’t it?

  4. Bonita says:

    That is correct.

    Which is why I am NOT a fan of complicated unofficial relationships.

  5. rosannelin says:

    Of course, I agree with you. I have ran into too many men like this in my life. In my experience, when a guy says that he wants to keep it unofficial, what he really means is that he thinks he can do better or he’s just curious about playing around (which can also mean he is hiding a serious relationship or even a marriage from the “unofficial” partner).
    Mind you, this is only a comment on my experience.

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