I hate HATE referring friends.

The last time I referred an acquaintance who happened to be my best friend’s girlfriend to one of the best investment banks in the world, she subsequently stabbed my back.

Because she was jealous of my close friendship with her boyfriend, she pulled a fit till he promised to stop seeing me. Great, another friendship down the drain.

Recently, my company has a few openings and being the Good Samaritan I am, I’ve referred a few friends to some positions out of good will.

But it’s SO not worth it.

For one, these acquaintances are asking me about the compensation package as if I’m Human Resources. Why is it that people only care about money these days? What happened to passion and love of work?

Then, they gossip about it. Gawd, can’t they just shut up?

Afterwards, during the interview process, they dress so sloppily because you’re “friends.” Since when does professional and personal life mix? You come to the interview, you dress to impress. Even as your friend, don’t make me not want to hire you!

There is wisdom in using a headhunter to fill positions. It’s less trouble, less awkward and heck, if it doesn’t work out, you can still blame the headhunter. 🙁

Next time, I’ve learned my lesson — never refer people I socialize with to open positions, unless I am being paid to do so. In general, experience has taught me that successful referrals are ungrateful, and you have to waddle through a lot of bullshit doing so.

Totally not worth it.

Rant over.

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