SimpleGuy jilted me and told me the very last minute that he couldn’t climb with me today. No big deal as have already successfully distanced myself from feeling too happy/disappointed whenever I receive any news from him.

I get it… you’re not interested! No expectations, no disappointment, me thinks. And I still went climbing despite not really having a climbing partner.

Then again, when God gives you lemons, you make lemonades.

I was instead joined by an old friend of mine. I met him mid-last year and at that time, he had a girlfriend. So then started a platonic friendship where he’d join me climbing once in a blue, and we shared a meal once together with me introducing him to another new friend in Taipei. At times, he’d drop me a note via MSN just to say hi and that’s the extent of our friendship.

Did I mention he was tall and handsome?

How handsome?

Think Tom Cruise?

However, he has his own issues.

While I’m a ray of sunshine, he reminds me more of a rainy day. Too Virgo-like for my own liking — clean/neat freak, perfectionist, proud with a never-give-up attitude. If I dare even say, very different from me. Using my brain, I know that life would him wouldn’t be anything but short term. He has too many emotional baggage for it to last.

Anyway, he announced that he was now single, and he has asked me to why not consider dating him? “I cook and clean, and very independent,” he list down his qualifications. Oh and yes, has made it clear that he’s interested.

Ummm… is this guy kidding or not?

Alam mo na na di pwede e, gusto mo pa! (You already know it won’t work… why still consider it?).

So the wheels in my head start churning. He asked me for dinner out this weekend because he complains that we don’t have any similar hours in the weekday to meet.

We’ll see if he does indeed followup with his invitation. It’s in my experience that guys would just say anything, and then conveniently forget when the time comes… if he’s interested, he’ll really call and confirm the date.

But why use your head too much? Why be too picky?” advises my roommate after I got back our apartment. “Just go with the flow la. There are no guarantees with love. You may be interested today, and not the next. And vice-versa. Who can say, so why not just give it a go?”

Well, would you play with fire if you know how dangerous it is? Who’s stupid enough to go for a guy/girl with baggage?!

My other girlfriend warns that I am just his rebound woman. “If they just broke up recently, you may be the one that helps him this period…”

The thing is, I don’t think this is anything long-term though. It’s just dinner for goodness sakes! I’m not marrying the man!

Life is really funny, don’t you think? SimpleGuy says no, another guy takes his place? Super cute too! Aaargh, gotta stop dreaming and wake up!

So anyway, we’ll see. Weekend’s going to be extra busy so we shall see if things fall into place and if he will ask me out for sure.

My guess is yes. What’s yours? 🙂

Thank God it’s Friday! Happy weekend everyone!

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2 thoughts on “Lemonades?

  1. You’re girlfriend is right, it seems that you’re his rebound woman. I’m sure that he’ll ask you out.

    I think it’s safe to say that you don’t have to assume anything. Enjoy the day with him and have fun.


  2. He did ask me out but since he had to help a friend move, he can only meet me around 9:30 pm (Is he trying to get away from dinnertime?). Anyway, after the mess I’ve got into this weekend, I’ve decided to just spend a relaxing day by myself. Good choice!

    So I’ll see him next weekend then. When it rains, really pours!

    Thanks for leaving a note!

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