Splitting the Bill

Look, I’m not cheap. I’ve always been about equality, but sometimes, I wish that when I go out with a guy, he’d offer to pay for the meal.

These days, either we split the check or he lets me treat him out. Wouldn’t it be great if he can just motion to me to place back the money back in my wallet when the moment of truth comes? A guy letting me pay for a date, no matter how strong I seem to be, just doesn’t act like a gentleman in my opinion.

Instead, I would prefer that he insists to pay this time, and say that I can get the next. Would be so happy to do so, you know?

Personally, I hate splitting the check. It feels cheap and puts the issue of money at the forefront. It’s even more laughable when the cost is minimal.

Say for example, this afternoon, I spent almost six hours chit-chatting with a guy friend who had some potential. The bill was around NT$500 (USD 15). And he still let me pay my half. 🙁

The price was so laughable that I would’ve insisted on paying for the entire amount myself. I don’t really mind treating others, in fact, I just treated another female friend to a NT$2,000 Carnegies dinner this evening. However, he pushed his share into my hand, and I just accepted it saying to myself, to heck with it.

In times like this guys, when you’re out with women, please foot the bill. Maybe it’s just me but would appreciate that guys pay for the first meal and the second at most, and then let me foot the next one or the third one.

It makes me feel more like a woman. 🙂

Regardless on how strong and competent you may think I am, it’s also nice to be taken care of you know? Like you can take care of the meal, and I pay for the popcorn… and not splitting a bill down the middle. BLECH!

I know I may look as if I can take care of myself, but sometimes, that’s just a facade. I wish to also find that guy who is strong enough to take care of me too — who can handle my strong personality and just let me be a woman.

That’s just me though. I’m all for equality, but I sometimes wish to be soft. I’ve been hard for far too long…


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