A Good Start — Kinda

Life has been good lately.

As January marks the slowest season so far since I joined the company just 5 months ago, it enables me a lot more time to catch up with the more boring paperwork and documentation. Plus, I don’t need to do much overtime. By 7:30 pm, I am OFF!

New year’s resolution wise, I have failed terribly with the goal of keeping fit and shedding off weight. With the exception of wallclimbing on the first day of the year, I’ve gobbled on some delish yet fattening curry noodles for lunch yesterday and salad and chicken roll (NT$310 – they raised their prices) dalloped in a hunk of cheese sauce from the Italian Job last night:

That’s like a kilo of cheese, baby!

To equalize the fat, M and I ordered and shared their chicken caesar salad (NT$180) which was pretty good, though tasted a lot like parmesan cheese:

What’s even worse, I couldn’t say no to a exotic and free lunch at the Taipei 101’s IR China this afternoon. OMG, the company was good, but the food was even better.

My saving grace?

A bowl of Greek salad this evening and a tall cup of hot vanilla latte with non-fat milk.

Am practically starving right now. 🙁

Haha, serves me right for ordering the ultra-fattening katsudon (NT$135) from the food court last January 1st since I was already so hungry after waking up at freaking 3:00 pm!

And yes, my friends get weirded out when I take out my camera in the middle of the meal to snap a quick pic. Yes, it’s weird… so what?

Anyway, am a firm believer that your first day of the year pretty much decides the pace of the entire year. If that’s the case, I would gain around 10 kilos more after the end of this year.

Sigh, time to get healthy — and fast!

At the very least, have kept up with a bit of studying lately. So far, my brain’s been crammed with financial concepts like discounted cash flow (DCF), net present value (NPV), internal rate of return (IRR), holding period yield (HPY) and all the mumbo-jumbo jargon that comes with the industry.

Kill me now. Just kill me before my brain bursts!

On the positive note, am scheduling some workout time tomorrow. Great time to listen to the songs I’ve listed below while running on the treadmill, doing crunches, and get this, jumping rope, which Greg shared that 15-minutes of jumping rope is equivalent to an hour of running.

Woooooah! Sounds like my kind of exercise! I hate the treadmill!

No wonder I managed to keep my weight 4 years ago when I just arrived. At that time, to keep fit, I would jump rope over 100 to 200 times a day! Talk about discipline!

Sigh, was in the best shape I’ve ever been in my entire life. Sigh, talk about the good ol’ days.

Still haven’t met with any good friends lately. Lisa’s sick and dunno what happened to Maryn and Karen. Prolly busy with her hubby for Mar, and Karen with her French pals. She’s been very French lately, sometimes I dunno really what else to discuss aside from French and France.

No worries, have my hands full lately with studying and working out. At the very least, this weekend looks promising.

Paintball this weekend, with the prospect of finally getting revenge on the higher-ups (it’s a corporate sponsored event) on Saturday, and maybe some climbing time on Sunday in addition to a pre-scheduled brunch this Sunday at my fave brunch spot in town.

How are you guys doing lately? Oh, gotta post more about my trip to Manila. Gosh, that was tons of fun! I was spoiled to death and my ‘rents gave me an unlimited shopping expense which was SWEET.

But I’ll save that for another day. It’s getting late, and work still calls tomorrow.

Night night!


Top 10 songs constantly played on my iPod Nano:
* “Bebot” – Black Eyed Peas
* “So Sick” and “Sexy Love” – Ne-yo
* “Lean Back” – Fat Joe
* “Bossy” – Kelis
* “Turn it Up” – Paris Hilton <– Surprisingly, a pretty good song. Very catchy, very Britney Spears. * “Control Myself” – LL Cool J feat. Jennifer Lopez
* “Tokyo Drift: Fast and the Furious” – Teriyaki Boyz
* “Pulling Me Back” – Chingy
* “Ridin'” – Chamillionaire
* “That Girl” – Frankie J feat. Chamillionaire
* “Get Low” – Lil John
* “Here We Go” – Trina

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3 thoughts on “A Good Start — Kinda

  1. still have to go check out italian job.. yay food pics! my friends are so used to me taking food pics now, they even ask me before they dig in. hahaha.. your friends will get used to it too!

    but yes, it’s hard to shed the weight when you are eating good food for ‘research!’ arghh

  2. Haha, no worries girl! You’re still my fave food blog in Taiwan. Frankly, sometimes use you as a reference for all the restaurants we use in our company.

    Actually, think the Italian Job is so-so. It has a bit of a tangy aftertaste after you eat it, and easy to get tired of the food. Want to try La Giara at Fuxing (near Howard Hotel) for Italian. Heard it’s really nice. Maybe u can try it as well and show me! More power!

  3. ok good to know.. i think i’ve heard other people say good things about la giara too! man, a lot of places to try and write up about now i’m back in town!

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