F*ck Update

This is funny…

My parents just went on a 9-day vacation with his high school alumni.

They called their group, “The 7-ups” because they’re all 70 years old and up.

My dad was one of the younger 7-ups.

Okay, so am I the only one who thinks it’s hilarious?


Yesterday, a tirade of phone calls, texts from Aussie guy came beeping from my phone.

After the initial text saying he can’t make it, he calls a bit later apologizing and saying that his f*cking boss had asked him to take a client out who was here for the Merill Lynch conference, and he had no choice but to accept.

I was like, “My god, do you know how much begging, pleading and groveling on your knees you’d have to do after this?” I was busy so couldn’t stay in the phone long.

His next text went like this: “I am very sorry. Really, I’d much rather hang out with you. Althoug I’d prefer to think of it another way 🙂 Please don’t be annoyed with me, I’ll make it up to you.

Next text: “And I promise to keep groveling for quite some time.”

And the next a few hours later, “Did I mention I was sorry? Okay, that’s enough for now. Have a nice night. I fly tomorrow at 1:30, do you want something from Manila?”

He’s going on a biz trip there btw.

Finally, I decided, heck, what am I getting pissed of about? He’s not my boyfriend. As Karen had said, if I wanted him as just a friend, I should just let it slide so on midnight, I replied: “Hmm.. dried mangoes? Okay, will just see how you’ll make it up. Good night and have a safe enjoyable trip.

His reply, “Thanks. Although am not convinced am forgiven of any wrong doing! 🙂 I’ll see what I can find for you.”

Ha! Does he think it’s THAT easy for me to forgive him?

No way.

Regardless, I understand that it’s part of his job to take his clients around, even in the last minute. But I’m quite curious to see how he’ll try to make it up… if only he can find the time to meet up with me.

Am fully booked next week as well.

Abangan ang susunod na kabanata…

And from the background, I hear my readers think, “God! Stop it already!”

Curiosity killed the cat… hope it won’t kill me.


Since my thing got cancelled last night, I joined my friends Mark, Mike and Barb at yesterday’s All-Chamber Networking Night at Carnegies last night.

The concept was pretty cool. For NT$400, you get to eat in this really nice buffet, and hobnob with the movers and shakers in the foreign community.

A lot of Caucasians milling around. And of course, that’s what you get when the following chambers are in the house:

American Chamber of Commerce in Taipei

Australian & New Zealand Chamber of Commerce

British Chamber of Commerce in Taipei

Canadian Society in Taiwan

European Chamber of Commerce Taipei

France-Taiwan Chamber of Commerce and Industry

German Trade Office Taipei

Impressive list of groups I dare say.

Regardless, I didn’t have much fun. Maybe it’s because I didn’t know enough people, it was raining hard or I wasn’t in the mood. So we later moved on to Mark’s place for some whiskey and hot chocolate.

The topic of the day was sex… and boy, was it uncomfortable for me. 🙁

Funny, huh?

Personally, my stand on sex is that it’s an enjoyable activity, but make sure you’re protected. It’s all about personal choice and whether you chose to keep it till you’re married or enjoy yourself, I respect that.

Ring… ring… saved by the bell by James, who picked me up to see me one last time before he leaves for Shanghai today. He will be relocated there for four months, three at an optimistic number. I’m going to really miss him… he’s one of the few people I was able to really connect with in my organization, even if we’re an unlikely couple.

Overall, the Thursday’s pretty decent.

I wonder how today’s going to be?

I’ve made tentative dinner plans at Carnegies. Have I told you their steak was great? But I want to try out this place my colleague suggested, Vickies at the Miramar 5th floor.

Let’s see how it goes.

As for tomorrow, was slated to go to Leofoo Amusement Park, but at the rate the rain’s been pouring, we may be forced to cancel it. We’ll just see how it goes. 🙁

And for Sunday, there’s a brunch date then wallclimbing (or so I hope).

Overall, this has been a sucky week.

One cancellation on Monday, then on Tuesday by Aussie guy, another cancellation for wallclimbing by another friend on Wednesday, cancelled date by Aussie guy Thursday and today, we were originally supposed to have our department’s spring dinner, but it was cancelled cause our big boss was sick.


Hope next week will be a way better one than this!

Okay, gotta work now! This is Raven, signing out! Hope you all have great weekends!

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