You’ve just made my day!

Just got this email today:


It’s German again. Just got back home. I have the feeling I called you in a busy moment. Anyway, it’s a pity we can’t meet tomorrow. I hope you have lots of fun in your salsa party.

Hey, I was thinking, if anytime you think about visiting Beijing, please let me know, OK!? We could meet there also!

I think not only you are nice and funny but you are really beautiful.

Hope we meet again.



German is this nice Spanish guy who I met onboard the train to Pingxi. He’s here for a 10-day holiday before heading with his friend to Beijing for one year, studying Mandarin. It was a surprise to get his call and an email.

Okay, call me whatever you want, but his email made me smile… πŸ˜‰

It’s not everyday that people call you to be “really beautiful.

I’ve been called many things…

Smart, intelligent, capable…

Someone with a great personality, positive, very friendly…

Hot, sexy, with nice breasts/butt…

*roll eyes*

But beautiful…?

Gee, even my dad wouldn’t really say that. He even once told me, “Raven, you’re not really that pretty so you’d have to study real hard to get a husband.

Okay, so I’m a sucker for romantic sweet-nothings. πŸ˜€

That, and a big bouquet of flowers.

No wonder Spaniards are some of the best lovers/romantics in the world… They really know how to make a woman smile.


Maybe I’m just speculating here, but I’ve recently noticed that interested men have just come in droves. These past couple of days, I’ve received surprise calls from guys whom I haven’t talked to for awhile or email from guys who are abroad and had somehow thought about dropping me a note.

It’s crazy… yet fun at the same time!

Okay, must be the Chinese New Year trend. You know, when people start thinking about those they haven’t been in contact to for awhile and write them a note or something.

But yeah, this has been a boost for yours truly.

Imagine having guys propose marriage to you (at least, I’m sure I’ll be married before the age of 40), ask you to be his girlfriend, or admit that they’re so attracted to you — all in the few weeks?

Must be the Valentine’s season.

*shrugs daintily*

But it sure does feel good! πŸ˜€

Till tomorrow!

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  1. Hi Raven! Saw your blog at PinoyExchange. Nice blog! πŸ™‚ It sure feels really good to be complimented by a handsome man πŸ™‚

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