Buddy and Yulia

Back at typhoon vacation day, I was talking to my friend Buddy who is set to marry his Russian fiancée Yulia very, very soon. Everybody thinks that Buddy is a bit crazy since he’s already 40-years old and is running around with a 22-year old model.

*They got married less two weeks ago.*

Personally, I think they’re very lucky to have found each other.

If you’ve seen how they act with each other, you’d be amazed. These two people adore each other! And aren’t afraid to show it!

Most Taiwanese friends are embarrassed to look at them. I don’t think many Taiwanese people are used to public displays of affection.

But when you look at Buddy and Yulia, you can’t help but stare.

They just keep on hugging and kissing each other! They can’t get enough of each other! And not just physically mind you, but these two people are totally in love with each other and it shows.

Just to show you how much, here’s a long, summarized excerpt on my conversation with Buddy:

Raven: I think it’s just great that both of u who are so in love with each other are together! Both of you are lucky. You just adore each other. That’s quite rare in couples, u know.

Raven: It’s breakup season again it seems. 2 couples I know have recently broken up. So seeing both of u SO HAPPY together… that’s like wow.

Buddy: Well, I am a lucky man. It’s the first time in my life. I’m 40!

Raven: 40? So what’s the problem?

Buddy: Just saying it took awhile to find… but I never gave up… but I had no idea either.

Raven: Haha, yes. All u need is one! So how did u know she was it?

Buddy: Well this is the first time I have felt like that! I’ve never had just 1 so I am happy. It’s been something that I couldn’t create… that I couldn’t think of…

Buddy: That’s how I know it was really magical beyond my control. No manipulation.

Buddy: Our meeting/relationship… truly amazing.

Buddy: And we didn’t THINK… we just WERE… so then it was so WOW.

Raven: Gosh, that’s magical. So.. it’s true what they say… u just know.

Buddy: So that’s how. So then it was just OBVIOUS. And now I just WANT to marry her and it feels complete.


Raven: Hmmm… all I can see is, two people who are so in love with each other. True friendship is a miracle… true love is a bigger miracle. Both are.
Buddy: One thing I love about her is she is very loving and quite fun. Humble too. But then wild at times. So nice.

*It’s true — Yulia is beautiful both in and out. She’s not a lot of shallow models out there. She’s really a genuinely nice person.*

Raven: But at least, u guys have high compatibility.

Buddy: That’s the hard part… and that is the magic

Raven: Hard part?

Buddy: Compatibilty — Well, you don’t go looking NOT to get along. Things sort of creep in or you find out more etc. But we have just BEEN compatible from the start.

Buddy: And wasn’t like we KNEW that either.

Raven: I can relate to that.

*It reminds me of my boyfriend and I. That was the sort of feeling I’ve had when I first met him. I was attracted to the man I saw, but I just never knew how compatible we were with each other till we started seeing each other more! It was really magical.*

Buddy: We liked each other

Raven: U are attracted to them first… then find out you’re extremely compatible.

Buddy: I knew her about 4 weeks before we did anything so the discovery isnt things that you say you can get around. They are like WOW! It just keeps getting BETTER! Everything else was WOW! How she could SEE the things I saw that was WOW.

*I agree! Good, mature relationships seem to be like that… it only gets better!*

Buddy: She was 22, I was 39… but we were on the same page no matter what. And she has only spoke english like 3 years, while I have lived quite a life.

Raven: Yes, i get what u mean.

*Trust me, I really do.*

Raven: No worries… age is but a number. I think u have the right chemistry too. AND! You do not look 40!

*He really doesn’t. He looks like in his late 20s! He doesn’t act 40 too… and I mean it in a good way. He’s very playful, very cool-looking and acts like any young man of 30!*

Buddy: Well true love has no bounderies, I believe.

Raven: Love isn’t enough though. Compatibility, commitment, and circumstance all play a role…

Buddy: I believe that too. But then I believe what you just described… IS true love… it’s THOSE things combined.

Raven: Yes, and I think u have it.

Buddy: With some magic thrown in for good measure,

Raven: Magic… It’s rare, definitely. It’s what everyone aspires to… but not everyone can have.

Buddy: Well, we are always reminded that there is a higher power… something bigger than ourselves.

Raven: That’s true. I believe that. I believe in fate. If u weren’t in the same place as Yulia was… would u have met? If u weren’t emotionally open to her (or vice-versa), would u have hooked up?

Buddy: I told her that… I could not have THOUGHT her up. I had ideas of what I wanted etc but well the story of us meeting is a bit overwhelming when you consider all the ingredients. And just how one little tweak amd we NEVER would have known each other. You have to look back on her journey AND mine.

Raven: And yes, i do know what u mean. Just one little tweak and it’s gone.

*I feel the same way in meeting my boyfriend. Just one little tweak and the opportunity is gone.”

Had to do something so I had to end the conversation with Buddy. But I’d just like to share this with you because talking to Buddy is refreshing, and I hope you can feel it too from our conversation.

When a guy’s totally in love — and vice-versa — it just shows.

And I got a glimpse on how much Buddy loves and cares for Yulia.

Lucky couple. 🙂 It gives me hope in such time of sadness…

Till then!

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