The Filipino word “tampo” is interesting.

In English, it means, “to pull a tantrum.” In Taiwan, the words “sa jiao” are closer to the meaning, which is a woman trying to act like a child to entrance a man to her.

Bakit baby, ba’t ka na naman tampo?” is a question that Trader would ask me in a daily basis. It means, “Baby, why are you once again pulling a tantrum?” although in Tagalog, it doesn’t sound that bad. Actually, it can be an endearment if only it was a positive comment.

I’ve always been the cool, level-headed one. At work, I avoid conflict, go straight to the point and get things done. I like action points.

Bam. Bam. Done.

However, Trader brings out the moody side of me. Yes, moody. He calls me moody!

I’m not moody!” I exclaim very often. Trader remains silent. He knows better than to agree with me, which is a lie. And to disagree, which will get him in the doghouse.

So he just looks at me, smiles and changes the topic to something less explosive which kinda works given that I’m so easy to distract. 🙁

So your Bonita, ardent readers, is a tampuhin woman, someone who is prone to her many moods even though she’s clearly not PMSing. Who came up with that bullshit anyway? I don’t really get cramps when my visitors come. 

Maybe I’m moodier with Trader because I can get away with it. People say that it’s when you don’t react that when you start not caring. Despite my many unpredictable moods which for many reasons drive Trader up the wall, we’re still going strong.

Almost six months strong that is. Can you believe that we’re almost celebrating our half-year anniversary? How time flies. 😀

He’s seen me cry, coldly talk to him to discuss about an issue, pull out a tampo with him and so many more.

And he’s still freaking here.

My previous boyfriends ran away when they get the chance. Okay okay, so I’m not the easiest girl to live with in the world.

But whenever things got tough and for some reason, we’re not making each other happy, one of us says something like, “Maybe we’re not really meant to be, and we’ll be happier if we let each other go.” And then the relationship will end. I’ll cry, he’ll be sad and then we move on after a few months to someone hopefully better.

This has happened with Trader and I as well. It’s not always happy happy, you know.

However, whenever I say some bullshit things like we’re not meant to be, Trader stops me and say we’ll go this together. He knows the storm will calm and that in the end, we truly care for each other and that we will make each other happy so long as we stick with each other through the bad times.

The sun shines brightly after a huge storm anyway.

So here we are, Trader and I.

Me, making tampo because I can, and for some reason, someone loves me for it. 🙂

There is hope in the world after all. It’s just up for us to find it.

Friday soon, have a great weekend!

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3 thoughts on ““Tampo”

  1. I really like the fact that you both make an effort. A relationship is all about the work you put in, not the fact on how much you love eachother. Well, you do need the chemistry no? But after a few month, the chemistry changes.

    But heck, about the parents~ gosh, that sucks! Yes, true… you only are together with the guy/marry the guy, but it’s also nice when you can get along with the parents and have their blessings. All I can say is be yourself. Let them like you for who you are~ nothing more or less. Don’t be someone who you are not, otherwise you’ll be living a lie. I’ve followed your blog for quite sometime now and from what I’ve read~ you’re a lovely outgoing girl, with your head on the right place.

    Gossiping/talking is always the easiest way. Give it some time, than they’ll see who you are [if they are willing to put down the dark glasses] and they’ll see what a beautifull girl you are, inside and out ^^… and that you have the best interest not only for you, but also for him!

    Have a nice week!!

  2. Thanks JXu leaving a note. I’m back!

    Yes, a relationship always involves some effort. The crucial part is finding a guy who puts some in. On my past relationships, the men quickly wave the white flag when trouble brews but for some reason, Trader clings stronger. Amazing, huh? Makes me love this part of him more!

    And no worries, will work together with Trader with his parents. Since when are these things so complicated? Sigh. 🙁

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