Out with the old, in with the new

Broken relationships are like old shoes.


You’ve worn them far too often till they are worn and torn.

The shine is gone, and the skin are falling off, and yet, you cannot manage to tear yourself away from them.

You know that they’re far gone, but they’re just too damn comfortable to throw away.

You’ve gone too used to them.

Held together by sentimental memories but it’s embarrassing to keep ’em going.

You want to make ’em last but you know there will come a time to throw them away.

You’ve tried repairing them once or twice till they’re beyond repair.

You keep them in the closet, but they’re merely taking up space.

Shoes just there, but can’t really be worn. Not too useful.

You try to shop around for a new pair. You see one you like, but it hasn’t been broken into yet.

Carefully, you try it on the store.

They’re a bit tight and the shoplady says that it’s only because they’re new.

You like how they look on you and you make the careful purchase.

At home, you try them on.

They hurt a bit.

They’re just too spanking new.

But you walk and they loosen up.

They fit you like a glove and you hippity-hop with your brand new wear. 🙂

And you look at the old shoes.

Full of many memories and yet, you need one more space for that shoe closet of all.

Finally, you let those old pair go.

And you start a new beginning with those spanking new shoes.

May we have the courage to buy and try new shoes again.

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