What makes me happy

1) Apple ala Mode Cold Stone Ice Cream

2) Elevators when you’re going on a business trip and you bring tons of luggage

3) A hilarious movie that keeps you laughin’ till your sides hurt

4) A great swing in the driving range, and the ball proves it

5) Getting a “Thank you” Award at work — simply, getting recognition for a job well done

6) Quick successions of good music at Roxy 99

7) Shots of Lemon Drops at Barcode

8) Lying down on the beach at night listening to the waves

9) A great meal at Flora Bistro, Ratafia or Ruth’s Chris… with wine to complement

10) Visiting a sick friend and cheering her up

11) Finishing a successful project you’ve slaved on for 2-3 months

12) Listening to your assistant tell you that you’re the best boss she’s ever had

13) Cappuccino done right with a dash of vanilla, nutmeg and chocolate powder

14) Dong Qu Fen Yen — hot Cao Xian Zao, big red beans, sweet potato balls and taro balls

15) Getting a pedicure

16) Taking a roller coaster ride in an amusement park

17) Playing air hockey

18) A really nice dress that shows off the right curves

19) Brunch venues like Carnegies, the Diner and Cosmo Grill

20) Drinking Smirnoff Ice outside 7-11

21) When I’m in a foreign country

22) Catching a bus — you see it as soon as you leave your house

23) Comfortable cloudless weather

24) Passing an exam you studied months for

25) A mail from mom

Share what’s yours too… 🙂

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3 thoughts on “What makes me happy

  1. I’ve gotta agree with the first one. Cold stone icecream is sooooo good but not cheap.

    Things that makes me happy: In no particular order..

    -Sunny bright day!
    -Making other people happy
    -Achieve on something you put as goal
    -Doing crazy stuffs and not give a damn about what other people think
    -Dance dance dance!
    -A long hot bath on a cold day , maybe?
    -Love and be loved
    -AFter exercising, sweating alot and that feeling ..it’s so good

    Just randomly posting. It’s kinda early morning. Cant think!

    Raven, i’ve been reading your last posts, you seem to worry a lot about your future bf n husband. Dont worry, your time will come! You just sound like a very very cool woman who wouldnt like to go out with u~

    much love

  2. Wow, I don’t think I can list so many on a moment’s notice but let’s try a few…

    1. Finishing writing a chapter of a book
    2. Finishing reading a book (last: The Jungle Book)
    3. Exercising
    4. Cooking something complicated myself (last: honey biscuit with bananas)
    5. Windy, cloudy and warm weather with no rain or too much sun. I know I know, it’s a lot of things to ask for at once.
    6. Getting a test or exam at university completed well
    7. Making a new friend
    8. Cheering someone up
    9. Seeing a great movie (last: Ratatouille; next, hopefully: Dark Knight)
    10. Working a proper job
    11. Dancing
    12. Helping other people
    13. Beating my usual lazyness
    14. The company of my friends
    15. Being alive

    Also, I wanted to say what Ivy said too, only I didn’t know how to phrase it. Well done there 🙂


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