Thank you, IM…

Thank you IM. You made me smile and boosted my self-esteem. It’s always great to chat with you, as you’re one of the few people who make me feel special.

An excerpt from our conversation:

Raven: Haha, he calls me “motherly”

IM: God.

Raven Dont think that’s a good adjective. That probably means I like to take care of other people…

IM: You’re anything but!

Raven: WHAT?

IM: You’re like a pre-teen!

Raven: You disagree that am motherly? WHHHHHHHHHHHHAAAAT?

IM: No way. You’re not! I don’t know… just the innocence… the inexperience.

Raven: Oh god.

IM: Well?

Raven: Then why the heck does he think am motherly?

IM: Don’t know.

Raven: Sheesh, he feels calm with me THEN.

IM: His “motherly” might be something else.

Raven: Like?

IM: It might mean comfortable.

Raven: Laidback?

IM: Maybe he means you are comfortable with yourself, and so he feels comfortable with you. I could see that.

Raven: I don’t get it.

IM: Although sometimes you get freaked out too. 😛

*IM laughs*

Raven: Explain please?

IM: You’re easy to talk to for somebody like me, right?

Raven: Sure thing. I like chatting with ya!

IM: For some reason I tell you shit that’s not even in my head except when I’m talking with you. Crazy. You make it easy for emotions to come to the surface. Maybe he picks up on that too.

Raven: Maybe because I don’t judge you.

IM: Right!

Raven: And I like u just the way you are.

IM: That’s exactly right! That’s what I LOVE about you! So rare these days

Raven: Really? I would think that’s pretty common.

IM: Everyone i know judges. So no way.

Raven: Maybe it’s all in ur head?

IM: Not in my experience. No.

Raven: You think too much too.

IM: No. you’re different. Trust me.

All I can say is, thank you IM — that gave me the needed boost.

Btw, I did touch base with Mike, finally.

And now, we have a truce. We’re starting on a clean slate.

Let’s see what surprises, if ever, will happen next.

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