Babel, 5 Cent Driftwood and Charlotte’s Web

Yet another brunch place has been rediscovered — Les Amis (22 Da’an Road, Lane 84, Taipei; Telephone: (02) 2752 8251 — which is on the lanes across the old Sogo), also known as Nitti’s Jr., as they are most likely owned by the same people.

My friend and I ordered the Nitti’s Omelette (NT$280) which is a blend of onion, cheese and mushrooms and it was totally cheesy and delicious! Accompanied by a glass of freshly-squeezed OJs and refillable coffee, it was indeed a treat and the serving just perfect for one.

Though the food was terrific, the conversation was even better as my friend and I talked about life, love and everything else under the sun. This was then followed by my helping another friend with her first Toastmaster speech, and then another highlight of my day…

Trying out the not-so-new 5 Cent Driftwood House Restaurant (#8 Lane 32, Neihu Road Sec. 1, Taipei; Tel: (02) 8501 1472) at Neihu. If the name’s unfamiliar, maybe you can recognize the gigantic infrastructure that lies near Miramar:

Let me tell you, the exterior AND interior was very impressive. It was almost impossible getting a great shot inside due to the low lighting but the stairs were made out of sturdy pieces of metal, the restaurant was around 4 floors high and the ceiling was so high, it was impressive.

Going inside made you feel as if you were in a prehistoric castle and my friends were commenting that you only needed to add some bats, and the effect would’ve been complete. We laughed when a child prolly no more than 6 years old commented, “Mum, I’m scared…. it’s scary here.

Yet, it was an architectural wonder, and best of all, the food was decent and very Taiwanese-style (though not the best) and the prices are more than reasonable given our meal and the high cost of constructing the place:
They even had an awesome belly dancer entertain us while we were enjoying our meal:

My god, the things she can do with those abs… trust me, I thought she was like a snake dancing!

The whole bill came around NT$390 for each (though sets were around NT$800 per person) and they even threw in some free muaji dessert and black jelly drink:

Overall, Raven likes this place and rest assured, I WILL BE BACK. The food may be reminiscent of what your Taiwanese ma would cook for you, but for the price and ambience, it’s very much worth another visit if you’re in the Neihu area.

After which, we all watched the ever-s0-cute “Charlotte’s Web,” which was voiced by Julia Roberts and starring Dakota Fanning:

My verdict: It’s nice but watch for it at DVD and see Babel instead. Or maybe Apocalypto. Haven’t seen that one yet, but maybe next week! I’ve heard really great reviews about it.

Anywho, it’s getting late and the weekend passed so fast! Take care and gotta sleep!


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