Are you a friend — or an acquaintance?

A lot of people immediately assume that I have tons of friends.

It’s not really surprising considering a lot of people see me as someone who’s ultra-friendly and outgoing, someone who’s always on the go and joining some club or activity.

Even some people who are close to me make the same assumption sometimes.

But they’re wrong.

I may have hundreds, maybe thousands of acquaintances, all accumulated during my 24 years of existence. But I can make the distinction.

Not all of them are friends.

Actually, there are only a few people I can count as my friends.

What’s the difference between a friend and an acquaintance?

If you really think about it, during all the good times, you’re usually surrounded by loads of people. Some of us may believe that they’re our friends.

Nothing can be further from the truth.

It’s always easy to make friends when we’re having a good time.

But you know what? The true test of friendship comes when the sh*t has hit the fan — and those who are left holding your hand are those you can count as real friends.

Everyone’s always up for a party, nothing really special about that.

But those who stay with you to help clean up… now, that’s a real friend.

How about you? Can you make the distinction?

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