Why I have this blog…

This is the fourth time I’m making a weblog.

First was with blogger, which was such a pain. I’ve noticed so many people using it, but it was so user-unfriendly to me that I quickly gave up. My second one was in my friendster account. Too bad though, everybody including my my friends AND my parents could see it. So how the heck can I keep secrets if everyone in the freaking world could see my blog?!

Of course, it doesn’t help that my parents think that I go home every daily by 9PM, dress in ultra-conservative clothes, and constantly the good girl they think I am.I’m not saying that’s not true. But I’ve sorta… blossomed ever since I’ve moved to another country (more to that later). However, I have to keep up the facade of a “good girl” so that they’ll continue to let me stay here. Strange, huh? But you’ll understand this better as you read along.

You see, my parents are ultra-strict.Think your parents are strict? I’m quite sure that my parents, or at least my dad (my mom’s a sweetie), would top yours.

My dad’s very controlling. This is something I’ve got to warn you about. I mean, he said that I could only have a boyfriend when I’m 30. Mind you, that’s my first boyfriend. I mean, what’s up with that?! Does he want me to end up as a spinster like my single sister who’s already 34, and still nowhere to getting married?! No offense to my sister, I love her, but puh-lease. Life’s too short to wait for your FIRST boyfriend while in your 30s.

Yeah, yeah, yeah… I know my parents only want the best for me. And my limited experience do show that there’s a lot of jerks out there. But 30?! That’s more or less 6 years away from now!Anyway, enough about my parents. You’ll learn more about them later since they are one of the most influential people in my life (i.e., you’ll hear me complain more about them as we go along). So, that’s just one of the reasons.

Another reason is that I still have a reputation to protect. Here I am, graduating with good grades, a prennial “good girl,” leader of a 450-person organization… overachiever and all. Nobody can really understand what I’ve done or who I am, and they can’t really.

Not that it’s a secret, mind you.

Oh no.

I’m very, very outspoken and ask me what I think about life and love, and you’ll hear a lot about it. But I do want to be very selective on who I tell my opinions too, especially if it’s a weblog where I’d like a no-holds barred approach. Sure, I can be famous if ever my blog gets seen by a lot of people. But as of the moment, I’d rather keep to myself first until I’m more confident that my dad can take it.

First, he’s already in his mid-60s, so I’m afraid he may get a heart attack (or worry incessantly) if he knew what sort of activities I get into. Secondly, I love my parents, and if them being ignorant for the moment would ensure that they’ll live a worry-free life, then so be it.

Given this, I welcome you to my weblog! This is my fourth time to try, so hope it’ll work fine this time. It’s a pleasure to have you all here.

Nevertheless, given the scant reasons I’ve stated earlier, please, please… leave whatever you see or read in this weblog. At least for the moment, don’t spread it out to everyone (if in any case you find it interesting). Thanks, it takes a lot of trust for me to invite you here and give you open access to my heart and mind so please respect me enough to keep it to yourself.

Well, gotta go. And hope that this is indeed the last time I apply for a blog.

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8 thoughts on “Why I have this blog…

  1. still browsing through your blog and glad i did. i knew it you’re filchi and it sounds like we have the same traditional family.

    jesus, not sure if i’d be able to read each and every post in your blog though. but nevertheless i enjoy them.

    you’re in HK now, i reckon? i’m in Beijing. anyway, good luck in life and hope everything works out =)

  2. Thanks Geraldine – yes, am Fil-Chi and that can be a both blessing and curse. It comes with its own sets of tradition. Am in HK nowadays for work – what are you doing in Beijing?

  3. Studied Mandarin here last 2008, then now working since 2009. Not sure if I want to go home, though not sure if I want to stay here for another 2-3 years, China is doing my head in. Though ayaw ko din umuwi. =\ oh well.

      1. Hello, only saw this message just now!! Yes we’re back in manila 2014, but we’ve moved out and now in subic 😊 life’s so much better. No kids yet. Lol

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