Trader’s Christmas Present

Here’s what Trader gave me for Christmas:

A deep purple iPod Nano set complete with external speakers.

It’s to complete your iPod collection,” he said as we kissed. I already have an iPhone and a music set would be a pefect complement to my gadgets.

What he doesn’t know: I already have two iPod Shuffles which I use when I exercise. He hasn’t seen me use them yet as we’re usually too busy when we’re together.

However, it doesn’t diminish the preciousness of the gift. I still love it as I love him. 😀

Given his more practical, frugal ways, spending a bit for his girlfriend is not an easy thing. For a woman who has everything, what else can you give (hint: netbook, please)?

It’s thought that counts and the iPod Nano is actually a beautiful thing. Unlike the shuffle, you don’t have to leave your music choices to shuffle-world chance. Instead, you can pick your songs. Yay!

His greatest gift to me though was not this edgy gadget.

It’s — wait for it — his loving and being there for me.

The more I think about it, the less convinced I am that am all that great. I’m needy, opinionated, yakity-yak-yak talkative, exhausting though interesting. Which is even better that someone like Trader loves me just for me.

Girls, stop chasing after bad men and just go for those who care for you. Dearly.

Worth its weight in gold — or in my case, in Nanos.

Happy weekend!


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