Raven and Her Golden Scarf

What’s it with women and scarves?

Today, I am wearing this brown tanktop, white knee-length skirt and a silk golden scarf — nothing out of the ordinary, especially with the type of outfits that I wear.

However, on my way home from a meeting, something happened.

As I was walking nonchalantly home, I stepped out on the MRT station and was just strolling along when —

Tap. Tap.

I looked around. There was this Taiwanese guy just about our age (late 20s la) and he semi-nervously/confidently gave me his card.

Hi, I’m Frank and this is my card,

I accepted it and bowed politely. Geez, at that moment, I felt very demure.

I work for XXXX (a very prestigious computer company)” he continued, as if crediting he’s not psycho stalker from hell. “Would you mind if I get my number?”

Wow, you gotta hand it to his guts. Not a lot of guys (I think) would do what he had done.

I murmured my apologies and shaked my head. No, after stalker guy, I do not really like to give away my numbers to random guys. Am still thanking my lucky st*rs I didn’t hand Vietnam guy my cell number.

Well, at the very least,” he said in Chinese. “Do seriously consider getting in contact with me. I would like to get to know you better.

Are you on your way back to the MRT stop?” he asked as he walked away?

No, I am on my way home,” I answered back as I went along my way.

Honestly, this is very flattering, and to top it off, I’ve worn sexier outfits before. But to get this effect on men, no siree.

I think it’s the scarf — somehow, it just makes me look more feminine. 😉


This is weird — from dry spell to rain. For some reason, nice guys pop up a lot more often these days. Must be spring, where everybody wants a new beginning.

I’ve read my horoscope a few days earlier — don’t get the first thing that comes to mind when it comes to men. Haha, no worries, just wasting my time babe.

But most definitely, will wear more scarves in the near future! 😉

Night night and more updates as soon as I get more time! Ooooooh, tons of happening lately!


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5 Responses to Raven and Her Golden Scarf

  1. Anonymous says:

    Hi Raven,

    This is Anne. I hope you remembered me from two months ago. I left a message here re: the authentication process and stuff. To make the story short, my work visa is now sorted and I’m going back to Taiwan, this time in Taipei for work. I’ll stay at another friend’s condo for a few days while looking for an apartment. If you have some leads on available apartment near Taipei 101 on an 8k budget, I would greatly appreciate if you can help me.

    I’ll arrive in Taipei on May 2, btw. What’s your email? I hope you don’t mind as I have yet to establish my network in Taipei. Thanks in advance.


  2. raven says:

    Taipei 101 on a 8,000NTD budget is hard unless you’re looking for a ya-fang (shared bathroom). Mine is already 10,000 NTD without the bathroom, and I find that cheap. Would you mind finding in other area such as in Shida? You can find one that will fit your budget and is still convenient. Let me know your email and I’ll email you. Thanks!

  3. Lui says:

    i already found one..but the neighborhood is a bit ghetto. i only share the bathroom with another girl. lets keep in touch at avillarico@gmail.com. my msn is inqsider_44@hotmail.com. ok, maybe it’s safe to post my no. here so u can text me too at 0955-261-484.

    im already here in taipei, staying at my friend’s condo for a while. i have to rush to find an apartment since my work starts on monday. hopefully, when i get the hang of taipei area, i can find some place better.

  4. Lui says:

    btw, my nickname is also lui.

  5. raven says:

    Hey Lui, added you to my MSN. 🙂 Hope we can chat soon. Where are you starting to work?

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