Is it just me or has the horizon become a lot more pinker these days?

For some insane reason, it seems that guys, though most may end up to be mere platonic friends, are increasing in terms of volume and quality.

There was that cute French guy whom I bumped into Alexander Gym and whom am seeing tomorrow. Nothing special, but he wanted to try wallclimbing and practically begged for me to take him, so what the heck — why not?

There were the three gentlemen I went to the Jack Welsch vs. Morris Chang event and had a late dinner with at NY Bagels. Canadian-bred Chinese, they were all pretty cool and I had an awesome time talking about everything and nothing.

And lastly, there’s one guy friend whose friendship I treasure, with whom I ended up talking to for 4 freaking hours!

That’s from 3:00 am-7:00 am last Saturday (or shall we say Sunday morning) till the sun came up and we were too exhausted to continue.

Sure, he called because I was bothered with a question he asked me when we had dinner and drinks that same night… but for some reason, after we talked and settled the issue, we ended up talking about profiling, compatibility, salad dressings and what not till light started to shine in through my bedroom window.

We were so exhausted by then that we just agreed to say goodbye as I still had to work later that day.

So is he interested?

Oh please, please, PLEASE let me know!!! 😉


Wakanga! See how a woman who thinks too much think?!

Okay fine, I admit it. Am slightly interested. For purposes of identification, let’s call him “Ariel.”

Anyway, though I thought he was a total idiot the first time we met (tell me about it, he shared with him a business plan idea which I thought was stupid at that time), over time and over hours of conversation, I’ve finally able to appreciate him for who he is.

And regardless on how I’ve come to respect him and admire his strong values, I value him equally as a friend.

He’s very practical and though sometimes beat around the bush, talks sense most of the time.

Haha, but we shall see. Understanding his personality, I think the best tactic is to step back and let him come to me even if he’s interested.

Promise, if I even start pouncing at him, I’d bet he’d run away so fast you can see the dust in his trails.

So am letting him go… for now.

If he’s interested, he will come and get me. Am sure of that. If he decides that am really the one for him, he’d be so determined that he will chase after me till I won’t say no.

But till then, Raven steps back… and makes ren nai.


Sure is good that spring’s here! 🙂

Let the guys — este games — begin!

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