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ThaiPan: Elegant yet homey Thai dining in Tomas Morato

I’ve been wanting to visit Thaipan ever since I’ve seen the yummy-looking food pictures our Christian cellgroup leader posted when he celebrated his anniversary dinner there. Good thing, my post-birthday celebration provided an excuse! The place was relatively easy to … Continue reading

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I am NOT Passive Aggressive

I’m the opposite of passive aggressive. By definition according to Urban Dictionary, Passive Aggressiveness is “a defense mechanism that allows people who aren’t comfortable of being openly aggressive to still get what they want under the guise of still trying … Continue reading

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Rush to See “Rush”

I LOVED the movie, “Rush.” Starring Chris Hemsworth in a role that didn’t have a mythical hammer in it, and Daniel Bruhl, who transforms himself into an arrogant yet meticulous German F1 World Champion, Rush brings us back to the … Continue reading

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Taxi Theory in the Philippines

Everyone who’s a fan of Sex and the City knows about the encompassing Taxi Theory. As stated by the great romantic cynic, Miranda Hobbes, “Men are like cabs. When they’re ready to get married, they turn their light on. The next woman they pick … Continue reading

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The Pros of Online Dating (And How I Met Someone There)

There were also a lot of cool surprises in the New Year. I met someone in the end of August 2012. After exchanging a gazillion emails, we met and hit it right off. Everyone thought we were moving too fast. … Continue reading

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Dear Future Hus…

Dear Future Husband, Given that we’re now together, it would be important for both of us to communicate our needs to each other. I daresay it may be challenging to actually look into ourselves and see what it is exactly … Continue reading

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