Why would a beautiful 40 year old woman still be SINGLE?

My girl best friend bemoans the fact that she is almost 40 and still single.

My last single best friend is getting married,” she moaned. “And I’m still single and barren.”

My best friend should not be single. She is very pretty, sexy, has a shining personality, and never lacks suitors. She currently lives in Singapore, which is an Adventureland for single people. There’s a wonderful pool of men in Singapore.


And yet, she is still single — No boyfriends, no kids, no nothing.

What is wrong with me?!!!!” she internally asks herself as one by one, her single friends get married and start having kids. My best friend told me she wants kids but is close to menopause, so she worries about that too.

No offense to my best friend, but we all reap what we sow.

If a woman is 40 and still single, is it really her fault? Why do you think a beautiful, sexy woman with a stable career is still single?

I will make a separate blog posts on why. But I would like to hear your answers first. Please comment below:


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