Kick-ass climbing day!

I am so tired. It’s been a long day. Imagine this, I managed to clock in around 6 hours of climbing today!

This afternoon, my friend Mike S. and I “discovered” a bouldering gym at the heart of Taipei.

You should’ve seen Mike’s face — it was pure ecstacy.

He’s been so out of shape, climbing-wise, because he hadn’t really had a chance to go bouldering (climbing a low wall horizontally).

When he first saw the gym, he immediately declared, “This is now my home gym.”

As for me, it was pretty cool. Bouldering is way more difficult than climbing because it relies more on your upper body strength and strategizing how to go across the wall in the most efficient manner.

Embarrassing though — I couldn’t even go past V-zero, which is the simplest route. 🙁

But I did manage to see a significant difference in my technique after we moved to the Y17 gym. I was now able to reach holds that I wouldn’t have otherwised reached, and is more aggressive when climbing.

Haha, I was able to climb up 5 times — not bad since we’ve been climbing the whole day! I can’t wait to climb again in the middle of this week! 🙂

At the rate I’m going, I’ll be so buffed in time for summer! Yay!

Just hope I wouldn’t look like the female version of Rambo! ;-D

*to be continued tomorrow ’cause am really tired!*


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